Nick en Simon in Cuba

You know, all my serious music friends in Holland have no respect for these guys, or at least so it seems. They do sing sappy songs in Dutch, are white as the driven snow, but I dig ’em. First of all, they have talent and real skills, and they know the difference. Here they are in Cuba, where nobody knows their names; wrote a song, translated into Spanish, ended up in what looks like a barbershop, with a 95 year old singer…….the man sings and the tears start rolling….man, the sound coming from this human being captivates everyone…it’s a class act that lets others be the stars of the show. BTW, you can book this man; he’s working on a tour of Europe in 2014. Of course his appearance is dependent on being alive!

I remember an old episode of Dutch TV where Nick en Simon were in South Africa. The ended up on a balcony with some local musicians who still hold Graceland in high regard. They jammed Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes so beautifully, so in tune with each other, grounded in that foundation of admiration for the song and music in general. People growing up half-way around the globe from each other, in perfect synch because of a simple song. It’s these humble, quiet things that commercial TV lacks, at least the kind paid for with advertising.

The plural

Come on folks! It’s one criterion, two criteria………….one alumnus, two alumni! Plurals are funny in the US, aside from the rampant misuse. Why is it “The police are here”, but “The media is”? Especially that last one really gets me; media is literally plural for medium! I get that when you group multiple entities of the same sort, you end up with a singular entity, but somehow  it doesn’t work that way with law enforcement. The most bizarre is the use of they instead of he or she to indicate a ‘gender-neutral’ proposition. The correct pronoun when sex wasn’t clear used to be ‘he’ in the singular; the new situation is very, very confusing at times.

Onions and Mushrooms

Ketchup and mustard, are on me,

Only, I don’t like the lettuce,

It’s the only thing,

Lettuce is a soggy, mother,

Fucker and it’s bland,

And I just want cheese,


Mi Hamburguesa, Sabor,

Mi Amor,

My onions and mushrooms, I adore,

Beef, is from the cow I love,

And I cannot enjoy,

Gimme that beef I need!



Gimme that beef I need,

Gimme that beef I need,

Beef, Beef,

Gimme that beef I need!